Instart Logic’s endpoint-aware application delivery solution provides a completely new way to accelerate web and mobile application performance. The intelligent architecture optimizes website elements based on the user’s specific device, browser and network conditions. This technology goes beyond a traditional content delivery network (CDN) to enable businesses to deliver rapid customer-centric website and mobile application experiences. The result is vastly improved performance and security for you and your end users without any modification to existing infrastructure — nothing more than a simple DNS change.

AppSpeed combines runtime optimizations for application content, mobile application acceleration and a CDN to deliver performance that is guaranteed 20% faster than any other solution. AppShield protects your site from malicious attacks with multilayered, end to end security capabilities. AppFlex lets you manage, control and analyze your application with full-featured portal and extend your capabilities with APIs. Customers like L'Oreal, Kate Spade and Office Depot have achieved dramatic improvements in user experience and greater ROI after switching to Instart Logic.


Integration Overview

The integration between Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Instart Logic enables customers make websites and applications delivery fast, secure and easy to operate. By making it quick and easy to integrate our application delivery platform with Demandware’s eCommerce solution, we can jointly enable companies to deliver the fastest, most engaging omni-channel shopping experience possible. On any device or any wireless network, you get dramatically improved performance and security for your users, while giving you more control and better visibility into your content and application delivery. Best of all, the service requires no code changes, plug-ins or add-ons.

Instart Logic will serve as a proxy between the Commerce Cloud application and the end-user. Implementing Instart Logic requires updating your DNS record with the CNAME provided by Instart Logic. With this simple change, all web and mobile requests and responses will be routed through Instart Logic’s service, enabling us to analyze your application with our machine learning technologies to secure and optimize delivery. A dedicated Account Manager, sales engineer and support team will guide you through the process. Alternatively, you can choose to make configuration changes on your own through our self-service portal and robust APIs.

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Integration Features

Performance: Image Optimization and SmartVision
Performance: Full Featured Content Delivery Network
Performance: Mobile and Hybrid Mobile Application Acceleration (iOS and Android)
Performance: JavaScript Interception
Performance: APIs and self service portal
Security: Web Application Firewall
Security: DDoS Mitigation and Scrubbing
Security: PCI Compliance
Security: IP Throttling and Blocking, with Bot Protection
Flexibility: APIs, Full-featured customer portal for configuration changes


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